Conference Information



The Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL) is pleased to announce that its 49th Conference, to be held from June 2-9, 2019, on the happy island of Aruba, will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG’s ) which are the framework of the UN 2030 agenda. The conference theme is :
Access and opportunity for all:
Caribbean Libraries, Archives and Museums Supporting
the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
In September 2015 the member states of the United Nations (UN) adopted “Transforming our world: The 2030 agenda for sustainable development which includes Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) spanning economic, environmental and social development. Caribbean librarians and other information professionals contribute to improved outcomes across the SDGs by promoting universal literacy, closing gaps in access to information, advancing digital inclusion, serving as the heart of the research and academic community and preserving and providing access to the world’s culture and heritage.”
Objective of the Conference
Through dynamic presentations, workshops, poster sessions, and an exhibitors fair, the 2019 ACURIL Conference seeks to:
  1. Upgrade and expand the knowledge base of Caribbean librarians and other information professionals on the SDGs and the progress that has been made since the implementation of these goals in 2015.
  2. Network and exchange information about “lessons learned” by presenting case studies and projects from a variety of Caribbean countries and language areas.
  3. Provide a forum for discussion on Agenda 2030 and how to translate these goals into actionable initiatives for Caribbean libraries.
  4. Develop policy recommendations for Caribbean governments on how to involve libraries
    in the achievement of the SDGs on a local level.
Conference Sub-Themes
The ACURIL 2019 ARUBA Conference Program Committee invites proposals for paper, and poster presentations which explore the following Sub-themes:
  1. Information services aimed at poverty alleviation and food security
Topics : Employment information services, Library services for the homeless, Drug prevention, Social inclusion, Sustainable agriculture, Nutrition information.
  1. Promote literacy and lifelong learning
Topics : Literacy programs for all ages; Digital literacy programs for low-income residents, children, special needs population, immigrants, mobile library services, collaboration with local government and non-profit organizations to offer literacy programs, Makerspaces, literacy programs to support teaching, learning and research.
  1. Libraries and sustainability
Topics : Green libraries, Heritage Libraries, Library programs aimed at awareness of climate change, energy/environmental conservation and resource management, Preservation of indigenous knowledge, Conservation, Recycling, institutional and other data repositories.
  1. Libraries contributing to peaceful and just societies
Topics : Library services promoting peace, ethics, transparency and good governance; Public access to information; Intellectual Property Rights.
FOR ACURIL 2019 ARUBA we are including the following subtheme:
  1. Integrated strategies to achieve multiple SDGs
Topics : Information services promoting sustained and inclusive economic growth, library projects promoting social development and environmental protection, programs which benefit all including women, children, youth and future generations.