Passport and visa


Documentation needed to travel to Dominican Republic

Prepare all the necessary documentation to travel to the Dominican Republic according to the country you come from
To enter the island the requirement of documents varies according to the country of origin of each tourist.In the first place, it is essential to have a valid passport. In the case of foreigners who come from Great Britain, the European Union, Canada or the United States, they have the possibility to legally access the Dominican Republic with their passport and tourist card.

The tourist card is a document that can be obtained in the same airport or in any port of entry to the country, in the Dominican embassies or, sometimes, it is included in the price of the vacation plan offered by the travel agency. There is also the possibility of acquiring it on-line through the page of the General Directorate of Internal Taxes:

It is a standard value of about US $ 10 or € 10, depending on the currency, valid for one year from the time of issue and that will allow
you to stay for 30 days. You can only use it once, so if you want to extend the stay for a few days there is a small surcharge, and if you are more than two months you can request an extension of the card. This card is a tax that establishes the country for those who visit it and, therefore, it can only be used by those who travel for tourism

On the other hand, the Dominican Republic issues different types of visas depending on the visitor’s objective. That is, there is a business visa, a student visa, a tourist visa (valid for up to 60 days), a residence visa, etc. Each with specific requirements and fees that you must request in the embassy of the Dominican Republic that is in your country.

Travelers from Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, Israel, Japan and South Korea are exempt from the payment. Nor do foreign diplomats and consulates who hold accreditation by the country and enter an official mission have to acquire the card. Free of the payment are also residents, visas and nationalized Dominicans.

And, on the other hand, those who travel with their own aviation can enter the country provided they meet a series of requirements: that the ship does not weigh more than 30,000 pounds and that it does not have a capacity of more than 12 passengers; and the purpose of the trip should be for leisure, business, tourism or sports.

In the case of other Latin American nationalities such as Cuba, Panama or Colombia, a visa is required to enter the Dominican Republic. The most advisable thing is to consult the embassy before traveling and to know in detail the necessary documents.